Hero image of a hypothetical patient with hemophilia A going on a hike with spouse
Factor VIII levels at 43%, 4 days after infusion
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with an established safety profile

, people taking

Zero inhibitors i
What are inhibitors? Over time, the body can develop antibodies against Factor VIII, which can prevent treatment from working. People taking ALTUVIIIO had no inhibitors during the clinical trial.

Zero serious allergic reactions

Although no inhibitors were found, and no serious allergic reactions occurred in clinical studies,
inhibitors and serious allergic reactions are possible with ALTUVIIIO.

In 159 people taking ALTUVIIIO in the XTEND-1 study:

  • 21% of people had headache (33 people)
  • 16% of people had joint pain (26 people)
  • 6% of people had back pain
    (9 people)

In 67 children taking ALTUVIIIO in the ongoing XTEND-Kids study:

  • 1% of children had headache (1 child)

How does ALTUVIIIO fit into your lifestyle?

ALTUVIIIO is the only therapy of its kind that is injected once a week.

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