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Factor VIII levels at 42%, 4 days after infusion
Hypothetical patient and scenario
Factor VIII levels at 42%, 4 days after infusion
Hypothetical patient and scenario
Altuviiio Factor Up

A once-weekly Factor VIII replacement therapy with higher-for-longer levels in the near‑normal to normal range (over 40%) for most of the week in adults.

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Sanofi Hemophilia Community Relations and Education (CoRe) Managers offer education to people living with hemophilia and their families. CoRe Managers provide information about living with hemophilia and treatment options. Use our handy CoRe Locator to find the CoRe team member nearest you.

ALTUVIIIO is the first and only once-weekly Factor VIII replacement therapy of its kind

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Higher Factor Levels for Longer
Above 40% for most of the week (near-normal to normal range) in adults.*†
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48-Hour Half-Life in Adults
In a Phase 3 study,† ALTUVIIIO offered adults the longest half-life of any Factor VIII therapy.
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0.7 Bleeds Per Year‡
Mean annual bleed rate observed in 128 people previously treated with prophylaxis therapy.†
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Freedom of a
Once-Weekly Infusion
ALTUVIIIO can also be used for on-demand and perioperative use.
Average trough levels were 18% for adults 18 years and older, 9% for adolescents aged 12 years to under 18 years, 10% for children aged 6 years to under 12 years, and 7% for children aged 1 year to under 6 years.
159 adults and adolescents with severe hemophilia (aged 12 years and older) were enrolled in the XTEND-1 study; 133 people were in Group 1 and switched to ALTUVIIIO prophylaxis from prior prophylaxis therapy. Efficacy of prophylaxis was evaluated in 128 of these patients.
Data based on treated bleeds.
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